Equine FACILITATED Growth and Learning Programmes (Individuals, Groups and Organisations)

  • Woman's Empowerment Programme: This twelve-week programme consists of weekly 120-minute equine assisted learning sessions and alternating 90 to 120 minute non-equine experiential learning sessions. AFL 
  • Healthy Relationships Programme: The programme consists of six 90-minute equine assisted learning (therapy) sessions with an optional 45-minute process group held the following day of each session at the participant organisation, if applicable. AFL
  • Embracing Grief and Loss Programme: The focus of this programme is to assist individuals, families and friends in experiencing emotions that are present when facing a terminal illness or other loss. This programme can be adapted to work with multiple age levels and family structures. AFL
  • Youth Recovery Group Programme: The objective of this programme is on teaching and practicing life skills for recovery - the focus is on habilitation versus rehabilitation and on a therapeutic intervention versus a recreational event. This three-week program consists of weekly three-hour equine assisted learning sessions with an optional 75-minute process group held the following day at the Client Organisation. AFL
  • Adult Recovery Programme: Adult Recovery Group Programme. This six-week programme consists of weekly 90-minute equine assisted learning sessions with an optional 75-minute process group held the following day.
  • School Bullying Programme: A full bully prevention/intervention programme for children from 5-14 years old. Activities conducted both in our stable classroom and through contact with equine. Safe, on the ground activities. It may be possible to bring the programme to your school. AFL
  • Anger Management Programme: This is a 10 week psycho-educational course for skill development and understanding of anger problems. This programme guides participants toward understanding that anger is ok, that its about what we do with anger that matters and assists in addressing anger management problems.
  • Leadership and Team Building Programme: Designed to facilitate problem solving, encouraging individuals to work cohesively as a team for positive results.