Why Horses?

Why horses? Five minute video.

Unlike humans, horses are prey animals.  Instinctively, as prey animals, their survival depends on their ability to sense underlying energetic and emotional currents in their environment. They use their animal wisdom – keen sense of smell, hearing, body awareness, and vigilance – to keep themselves safe.  You could call horses ‘Masters of Mindfulness,’ because they are fully in the present moment, have no judgment, and don’t hold on to the past or project into the future.  Furthermore, they are completely congruent and authentic with what they experience – in other words, what they show on the outside matches what they feel on the inside.  They don’t deny or mask their feelings and our masks/personas do not fool them.

Because horses are fully present and without agenda or judgment, they invite us to be the same, and this is where the deepest and most effective work transpires.

Horses intuit our emotional states and respond accordingly, and therefore we learn the most valuable of lessons.