Our programmes facilitate growth and learning through the application of equine assisted interventions; creating a space for the emergence of new possibilities.
— Stable Hearts

Stable Hearts programmes incorporate mounted (in the saddle) and unmounted activity with horses for personal development (growth and learning).  It is a collaborative effort between a qualified facilitator and a horse/s. While we do everything to ensure the safety of all participants - horses are horses and injuries can happen. All participants need to complete and submit our liability disclaimer found on this website.  Participants learn about themselves through exercises designed to meet set treatment goals. Sessions include processing (or discussing) events, feelings, related physical responses, and behaviour patterns. Worldwide, there are three primary modalities used in Equine Assisted Therapy - Stable Hearts focus on Equine Assisted Growth and Learning it is a strong, practical intervention.

1. Equine Facilitated Growth and Learning              

Activities encourage emotional growth and learning for individuals, couples and families in a group or individually. Stable Hearts believe clients heal themselves in relationship with our equine co-facilitators by identifying unhelpful thoughts, feelings and behaviours (patterns), increasing the capacity to regulate emotions and developing new ways of relating. Activities address problems such as Grief and Loss, Depression, Anxiety, Panic, Addiction and Post Traumatic Stress.


Our focus is to provide a developmental environment for individuals or groups. Our human/equine team facilitate activities. Exercises develop leadership skills, improve team dynamics, fine tune communication skills, create awareness of personal patterns and enhance relationships, lateral thinking and creative problem solving.

Kathleen Barry Ingram is widely considered a world leader in Equine Facilitated Therapy and Learning Practices. Many of our policies and practices parallel those Kathleen (and her colleagues) have researched and delivered over many years. Below you can watch a 10 minute interview.