Saddle Club provides children with the reality of what it takes to own and care for a pony. Every week brings about new insights and it is as much about developing relationships and life skills as it is about learning to care for and ride a pony or horse. Saddle Club is run by Stable Hearts qualified and experienced facilitator. Children learn to regulate emotions, develop empathy for others, set their own goals, increase confidence and our motto is "Never look down on another unless you are helping them up". Children bring refreshments and essentially 'hang out' in a stable environment. Some of our club members prefer ground work and others riding. Saddle Club is a place for children to come and experience rural life. We have participants of all ages, backgrounds and experiences. The purpose of this weekend group is to provide a place where children can develop relationships with peers outside their regular school group. Saddle Club is a special place and our little herd is growing.  If you feel this might be something your child is interested in, perhaps he or she might like to pop in and meet some of our club members. 

Saddle Club - $45 (Includes Group Riding Lessons)

Saturday: 9:00am - 1:00pm

Sunday: 9:00am - 1:00pm



Call Michelle: 027 576 8082

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Health & Safety

To ensure the smooth running of your party riding hats will be provided for each child to wear whilst in the vicinity of the ponies. They will also receive a talk on safety around the animals and as we are especially keen on hand hygiene, we will ensure that all hands are clean before eating.