Ponies can provide lots of fun with hand led pony rides for children’s parties. We cater for all ages. Ideal for birthday parties and other children's celebratory events.  Most horses love giving rides to kids! 

How It Works - Parent/s and or Guardian/s provide food and drink which means you can be in charge of what your children eat, what you wish to spend, etc. Simply drop it off on the morning of your party, an hour or so before or bring it with you. Or you might like to order a pizza delivery; that works too. We have a stable which seats 10 children and that is the recommended number for a party. This ensures the children all have a good 15-20 minute ride each. While one or two children are riding, the other children will enjoy befriending our goat or barn cat and/or pony/horse colouring activities. Stable Hearts provide two party facilitators to ensure safe activities. Some parents arrange or make a horse theme cake. Children can come in 'fancy dress' just to add to the fun. It's your party. 

All party guest parents or guardians will need to complete a liability disclaimer which is found on this website. 

In the event of bad weather, parties are either postponed or cancelled at our clients request.   


Duration: 3 Hours

We can arrange either a morning or afternoon Party (Saturday or Sunday).

Price: $35.00 per child (minimum 4 and maximum 10 children)

Deposit: $60 (refundable with 7 days incl. notice)


Please Text Michelle: 027 576 8082

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Health & Safety

To ensure the smooth running of your party riding hats will be provided for each child to wear whilst in the vicinity of the ponies. They will also receive a talk on safety around the animals and as we are especially keen on hand hygiene, we will ensure that all hands are clean before eating.