Answers to Several Commonly Asked Questions


What happens in a session? 

A typical session involves (mounted or on the ground) activities with horses that provide opportunities for embodied experience and self-reflection. Our professionals help clients explore their interactions with the horse/s and the metaphors that emerge, so that lessons learned in the arena can be addressed in primary and/or secondary therapy and applied in life.

What happens after my support person or I contact you?

Arrangements are made to meet with you and or your support person. There is no cost for the first meeting. If you would like to attend an EAC or EAL Programme, a treatment plan and relevant costs will be prepared and agreed on between the client/support person and the Stable Hearts therapist. 

Can a support person attend a session with a referred client?

Yes, if the participant requests that a support person be present, absolutely. We encourage social workers/support people and therapists to come and learn first hand about a clients experience. We actively work with support people and clients (with the client's consent of course) to enable the bringing of experience to therapy or support sessions thereby maximizing insight and change where possible.

Do clients need to know anything about horses?

No. Stable Hearts have a Horse Specialist (Equine Specialist) to keep clients safe and share their interpretation of what the horse is saying. Our Equine Specialists have a broad understanding of the language of Equus. Our programs are not about horsemanship. They are about exploring partnership, communication, and authenticity; and having safe fun along the way.